Current exhibitions

In 2010 we created Arte Lateral, where young contemporary artists exhibit their works in our restaurants, mixing art and gastronomy to create an experience. But directly we call awards with various institutions and the winners exhibit their works for a while in some of our restaurants. Since March 2021 we have been exhibiting the 6th edition of the award with the Complutense University of Madrid. At present you can see the 6 exhibitions in our restaurants.


Iría Martín Groba

Santa Ana ( Madrid)
Dreamcatcher is a cyclical artist's book that explores the world of dreams.

From garbage to culture

Iñaki Van der Brule Roldán

Fleming ( Madrid)
The project named by its creator "From garbage to culture" arises after a research of more than two years, 

Lanzarote and 16 Hysterical color studies.

Eva Zaragozá Marquina

Caná ( Madrid)
The strategy of this series is to allow the fortuitous to be the origin to advance in pictorial knowledge. 

The trees are not dead

Sofía Alvarez Capuñay

Fuencarral ( Madrid)
The trees are not dead, they are asleep is born from some trees found in the Retiro Park in Madrid. 

Lateral Velázquez Art

Andrea Hernández Sanz

Velázquez ( Madrid)
Current art exhibition at Lateral Velázquez restaurant


Natalia Gay Pintado

Arturo Soria ( Madrid)
 I propose an approach to biology and technology from art, to the biology of the tiny, the study of beings that go unnoticed to the human ey...